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Facial Care Department

1. Sarolux Herbal Mask for remov ing skin acnes and melasma suitable for oily face or scar acnes.

2. Basic Sarolux for deeply cleansing with no retain , our 11 process totally effectively cleaning you more than facial cleansing.

3. Others facial masks depends on your skin face, 19 continuous process after rubbing your skin, facial ozone are effectiveness for covering a deep pore skin.

Our masks are extracting from natural

  • PEARL MASKS (Enrich your Refreshment)
  • SEAWEED MASKS (Brighten and Face Lifting)
  • VOLCANO WITH SILKWORM (Moisture your Face with Refreshment)
  • HERBAL MASKS (Remove oil, Retain and Blemishes)
  • OXYGEN MASKS (Renew your Facial Aging with Refreshing)
  • COLLAGEN MASKS (Reduce Scar from Skin Aging)



Advantages of Sarolux Aesthetic Center

1. To deeply clean your face with a specialist can helps your face soft and reducing oil.

2. Face Scrub softly helps to remove maturity skins recover to be a new skin and also reduces fatty the cause of acnes.

3. Facial massages with Ozone Streaming, our appropriate temperature helps your blood circulation and improve a blood vesculation function.

4. Reduce stress or tension and also relief body fatigue or mind

5. Attain to your soft, fresh and moisture face. Extended a declines of skin cells.

At lease once a month for healthier face. But once a week in our recommend ation .

Body Department

Sarolux Aesthetic Center Prakanong branch is pleased to serve you a natural herbal products for your real rest of therapy

  1. Body masks with fresh natural compounds such as THANAKA*, sesame oil, coconut oil, wheat germ, milk and our SAROLUX special ingredients

    *THANAKA is a herbal from Myanmar

  2. In our Whirlpool spa with mineral retreat and milk products helps you relaxation.

  3. Massaging with aroma oil give you more energy or some dry skin people you can choose our sesame oil with vitamins give you an enrich moisture skin.

  4. According to our natural ingredients in the Mud mask offer you a delighted skin. Widen pore skin can accept the food skin direct from SAROLUX mud and also protect your skin from the freckles, especially who have a dry skin or skin aging.

  5. Thai Massages help to reduce a pain or fatigue and also decrease your body tension.

    Make your longest and comfort sleep.

  6. The other SAROLUX especially which is served you is our Foot Massages. From the beginning we provide only herbal facial care and distribute our SAROLUX products with also a consultant for who would like to have their own Sarolux Aesthetic Center.

    According to our 12 years experienced in herbal and spa products. Khun Krisaana Sawasdee has intended to design a brand new Aesthetic Spa Center , which is renovated and decorated as a high quality services.

    By a BTS Sukhumvit line, customers can drop off the train at Prakanong station, go along through Prakanong junction with in 10 minutes. We are pleased to retreat you our quality products with best services as family members with no worries with a high cost as usual at SAROLUX Aesthetic Spa.



Sarolux Aesthetic Center (Prakanong Branch)
1667 Sukhumvit Road (intersection before Soi Sukhumvit 71) Klongtoey,
Wattana, Bangkok 10110