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Beauty For You Collection
Sarolux Collection
Beauty For You

The  advanced  technology  of  herbal combination with high technology production to the best product for your  facial and skin care.

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Avocado Cleansing Gel
Facial cleansing Gel with Avocado Oil throughly and gently removes make-up,impurities and environmental pollutants.Leaves the skin to be clean,soft and radiance.
Direction : Clean your face with Avocado Cleansing Gel and rinse off
with water.
Net Weight : 100 grams Product Code : 11203 Price : 340 B
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Almond Facial Remover Cream
Facial remover creme with almond meal throughly removes make up and exfoliates damage cells to retexturize and refine the skin’s face.Vitamin E and almond oil promote skin’s texture to be firmer,more radiant in looking.
Direction : Spread Almond Facial Remover Cream over face and
massage with finger and clean off by a soaked cotton pad then repeat cleansing with Avocado Cleansing Gel or Firming Cleanser for better result,use every night.
Net Weight : 50 grams Product Code : 11204 Price : 340 B
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Herbal Skin Lightening Cream Frisk3
Blemished creme,produced from pure herbalized with up-date technology to be helpful of protection on blemished and spots,without harmful on your skin and also helpful of nurtured on skin,made of skin condition with smooth and whitening Younger appearance.
Direction : After cleaning face with water,pat Herbal Skin Lightening
Cream (Frisk3) on through T-Zone (forehead,nose,cheeks chin) then gently spread the cream all over face (except the eyes,lips) use everyday morning-evening for better result.
Net Weight : 18 grams Product Code : 13216 Price : 770 B
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Disacne Herb Cream
Disacne creme with herbal extract and natural extracts effects to pimples on the skin.The pimples and accelerated condensing are releasing from skin without blemishes.It leaves the skin to be smooth and radiant.
Direction : Dot Disacne Herb Cream on acne.For better result,use
every morning-evening
Net Weight : 18 grams Product Code : 13217 Price : 710 B
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Essential Serum White
Essential Serum White contains Sarolux herbal extract and natural herbal extracts helping to slough off damage cells,black spots and wrinkles.The light transparent fluid is created to rejuvenate your facial skin,making them white and smooth.
Direction : Pour only 1-2 drops in your palm then gently pat over face
(except the eyes,lips).Use everyday morning-evening.
Net Weight : 30 ml Product Code : 13219 Price : 1,020 B
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Essential Treatment Serume
Essential Treatment Serum contains natural herbal extracts to boost skin vitality,control irritated skin and to protect skin against the pollution factors.The light transparent fluid is created to rejuvenate your facial skin,making them white and smooth.
Direction : After finish the use of ESSENTIAL SERUM WHITE and
leave it dry,just 1-2 drops of ESSENTIAL TREATMENT
SERUM in your palm then gently pat over face (except the eyes,lips).Use everyday morning&evening.
Net Weight : 30 ml Product Code : 14220 Price : 1,020 B

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Natural UV Filter
Light formulation which is quickly absorbed.Vitamin E,natural extracts and sun protect your skin from damaging of UV ray and environmental pollution.Great for daily use to keep your face look young and bright.
Direction : Apply cream gently all over face before daily make up.
Net Weight : 30 grams Product Code : 12208 Price : 370 B
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Herbal Facial Clay Mark
Natural clay with herbal powders refines skin as it removes damage cells,pore-blocking impurities like pimples and unwanted oils,Counteracting inflammation and irritation on skin face.Botanical oils are added to be moisturizer.Regenerating cells and lightly condition are appear.
Direction : After cleaning face with Almond and Avocado Gel,clear
face and put Herbal Facial Clay Pack on over face(except
the eyes and lips)30 minutes.Then rinse off with water.Use once a week for a younger-look and mild face.
Net Weight : 50 grams Product Code : 14225 Price : 400 B
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Essential Eye Gel
A very mild gel for the eyes-round is always swell,dark and wrinkle.The gel is specially formulated for delicate area only.Enriched with many useful ingredients such as sentella seaweed,and hyauronic acid which acts as moisturizing agent for a sensitive area like the eyes-round area.
Direction : Gently pat Essential Eye Gel around the eyes-round area
and the eyelid everyday (morning-evening) after daily face
Net Weight : 15 grams Product Code : 14226 Price : 580 B
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Moisture Lip Care
Light weight Recipe’s Lipcare rapidly return moisturizing to dry lips by Licorice Extract and other Natural Herb Extract,protect delicate skin against dryness and crack.
Direction : Apply Moisture lip Care everyday morning until night.
Net Weight : 3.5 grams Product Code : 14224 Price : 220 B
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Herbal Lightening Gel
A specially formulated herbal gel enriched with Sarolux’s herbal extract.The gel helps solve facial problem effectively but leaves only clearness,brightness,and mildness on face with younger-look.Suitable for those who have facial problem like acne,melasma,spot,tarnished face by freckle of aging.
Direction : Apply on through face (except the eyes and lips) then
gently pat gell all through.Use twice daily in the morning and evening.
Net Weight : 25 grams Product Code : 13221 Price : 610 B
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Essential Firming Cream
A specially formulated cream absorbs quickly into deep skin.Enriched with Pueraria Mirifica,Vitamin E,and many essential ingredients for facial firming treatment by making face elastic and healthy always looking younger suitable for all skin types.
Direction : Apply all over face and gently pat the cream into deep
skin.Use two times per day morning-evening.
Net Weight : 50 grams Product Code : 14223 Price : 800 B
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Vitamin C Whitening Toner
Alcohol-free clear lotion with Witch Hazel extract for reducing pores.Chamomile extract and Allantoin help soothe and balance the skin.Ascorbic acid improves skin to be eventually natural white and Spring Sea water helps to maintain moisture and add important minerals to the skin.
Direction : After cleaning your face,drop lotion on cotton wool and
slighly slap throughout your face followed by with moisturizing cream of your skin condition.
Net Weight : 150 ml. Product Code : 14172 Price : 660 B
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Skin Vite
Light,clear,perfume-free serum which is quickly absorbed into your skin.Enriched with herbal extracts from Sarolux.Ideal for your white and bright facial skin.Naturally rejuvenate your facial skin.Non-allergy and suitable for treating acne,melasma,pimple,dark spots and wrinkle.
Direction : Apply serum on dry and clean face once or twice a day
(avoid eye contour and lips) or mask it for 30 minutes and rinse off once a day.
Net Weight : 17 ml. Product Code : 13173 Price : 690 B

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