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Sarolux Aesthetic Center (Prakanong Branch)


1667 Sukhumvit Road (intersection before Soi Sukhumvit 71) Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110


Tel: 02-711-1378 Fax:02-390-2376 Mobile:081-902-6293


Sarolux Aesthetic Center (Prakanong Branch) was established since March 16, 1998 by management of Khun Krissana Sawasdee. According to a long experienced in using Sarolux cosmeceuticals to cure in her facial problems through the real confident and trusted in efficiency. By a hard studying and laboratories testing, so she decided to advice to her closed friends and also acquaintance for trying under the concept “Good Things Suitable for Good Friends”. All the 12 years from the settled of Sarolux company word by word process in a miracle of Sarolux herbals were proved by the real using people. Sarolux Aesthetic Center was proudly in a pure Thai herbal from Thai wisdom.

  Why many people trusted in using and suggest Sarolux products to everyone?

1. Department of Medical Sciences (Public Health Ministry) was certified that our products are suitable for skin and safety with no irritation or danger. Our ingredients are extracted from high quality Thai herbs without prohibited chemicals.

2. Under a production of SBP Manufacturing Co.,ltd which is proved by Food and Drunk Administration with the licenses of GMP to be trusted and also safe for our valued customers.

3. The Multi Level Marketing (MLM) which can offers the real fairly incomes to a partnership with Sarolux. Khun Arluck Deephrai, Committee Chairman truly trusted in his perspective to share a sustainable MLM to his networking of Sarolux.


Precaution for Sarolux Cosmeceuitcals Products customers


According to a unique and special character of Sarolux products, customers should kindly understand and accept that herbal ingredients are stimulate substance to a renewal cell skins that means at the beginning of using an irritatant dermatitis to be founded. In fact, this symptom is to be cleared when the skin peels off and removes all retains such as acnes, melasma or dark spots.

First week after using you will find out a dark skin, no regret but worthy to be patience and waiting for the best result of healthier and brighten skins which make you a delightful at the ends.

In addition, by our specialists customers long lasting satisfied to attend your skins since the first visited and forever.


Krisana Sawasdee


Sarolux Aesthetic Center (Prakanong Branch)
ุ 1667 Sukhumvit Road (intersection before Soi Sukhumvit 71) Klongtoey,
Wattana, Bangkok 10110